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  • 19657 South La Grange Road

Service Description

ELECTROSONIC RESONANCE TREATMENT reverses may of the aging processes, enabling the following benefits via maintained self-resonance of both blood and lymph vessels. CellSound's FACE remodels the fibrous septae network. Fibrous septae connect the dermis to the underlying muscle fascia. This critical structure otherwise becomes stretched and attenuated from aging. With the synced use of the electric field generated by our ElectroSonic Resonance treatment, FACE therapy uses non-focused ultrasound which penetrates to a depth of 2.5 cm and thus treating all cells and associated tissues of the face and neck. Cellsound’s maximum penetration improves blood flow in deep tissue and collagen/elastin regenerative functionality. Increases flow of blood, resulting in more nutrients, growth factors, and angiogenesis of new blood vessels. This process improves cells' metabolism and hence cell structure. Remodeling of existing collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic. Stimulates neo-callogenesis and neo-elastogenesis without any thermal injury or cavitation. Enriches sebum production due to a better flow of nutrients and oxygens. Improves fat layer volume due to better metabolism of fat cells. Enhances muscle volume and elasticity resulting in fewer wrinkles and a more youthful appearance. Increases skin movement due to better functioning of nerve cells. Heightens lymphatic flow resulting in healthier-looking skin, glowing and less puffiness. Improves overall lymph vessels health increasing the flush and removal of toxins that otherwise contribute to the cellular aging process of all tissues making up the face and neck. ‍

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  • (708) 476-8205

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